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Coloset Urostomy Extended Wear Pouch

Coloset Urostomy Extended Wear Pouches are lightweight, one piece pouches that are designed to be comfortable and ultra-discreet with a slim-line profile.

coloset urostomy extended wear pouch
coloset urostomy

Innovative Design

Unobstructed drainage even when the bag is twisted, allowing patients to sleep and be active without drainage worries.

coloset urostomy

Easy Tap

Simple to open and close, with a secured stop to prevent spillage.

Extended Wear Barrier

Increased wear time means changing your system less often, reducing stress to the peristomal skin. The extended wear barriers are specifically designed not to break down from loose or liquid drainage.

Hydrocolloid Diamond-shape Barrier

Unique shaped design ensures a safe and secure fit, providing peace of mind for the user. The hydrocolloid layer has been formulated to prevent skin damage, encourage healing in the peristomal skin and is easy to adhere and remove. The soft and flexible material conforms to the shape of the body enabling it to withstand even the most vigorous activity.

Non-Return Valve

Reduced risk of urine reflux from the bag to the patient when lying down or there is pressure on the bag.

Quick and Easy Application

Printed with a sizing indicator and cutting guide markings.

Comfort Net Backing Non Woven Backing Description Film UOM
01-971-010U 01-971-020U Coloset Extended Wear Urostomy Pouch Clear 10