skin barrier flange

Skin Barriers

A Skin Barrier is the wafer that is in direct contact with the skin. It's there to help protect the skin around the stoma and provide a secure, leak-resistant seal with the pouch. The barrier has an integral flange that connects securely to the matching pouch

skin barrier flexicare

The Flexicare Skin Barrier is a hydrocolloid skin barrier designed to adhere to wet and dry areas and protects the skin around the stoma. Our flanges are available for our one and two piece ranges.


Our range of barriers are made with hydrocolloids. These include only natural, fluid absorbing hydrophillic particles.

The Barriers have pressure-sensitive adhesives, known for its extremely low degradation rate and high purity. We don't use any synthetic stabilisers, antioxidants, or skin irritants.


For the initial adhesive phase, our barriersare designed to facilitate the optimum adhesive properties without damaging the skin, while providing ease of use and flexibility.