Sport & Exercise


Exercise improves your concentration, self-confidence, stamina, balance, blood circulation, posture, immune system, skin tones, strengthens your heart and helps you lose excess weight.

As soon as you feel able, you should start to get back into your normal routine of exercise. It’s best if you start gently with walking and then start to increase the amount gradually. Remember to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program, especially if you have any health concerns.


Contact Sports

If you want to take up a contact sport, wear a stoma shield to protect yourself. You also want to ensure you don’t develop a hernia by doing too much. You may need a letter from your healthcare provider to take part in some sports such as boxing and martial arts.


Long Distance Sports

Golfing, Walking and Cycling long distances can be great for exercise, just make sure you take a changing kit and disposable bags just in case you need them.



Swimming can keep you fit and is also very enjoyable.
Ladies should wear a one-piece swim-suit, ideally with patterns or designs to disguise your pouch. Some swimwear features a support panel that goes across your stomach.

Men can wear lyrca (or similar) swimming trunks or shorts to keep the pouch in place.

If you’re any doubt, speak to a healthcare professional.


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