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    Flexicare is a leading UK manufacturer of medical devices. Backed by over 30 years experience in design and development, Flexicare has built a world class reputation for the supply of medical devices. Based in South Wales within a purpose built plant covering 48,000sq feet incorporating clean rooms, state of the art manufacturing equipment, warehousing facilities, and our Customer Service department all combine to make a fast response to customer's demands.

    Basic Information

    What is Urology? What types of incontinence are there? Find out more here.

    Urology Care

    Find out what is the best product to suit you, plus helpful instructions for fitting, emptying and maintainence.


    Find out how to live a healthy, active lifestyle with hygiene, diet, exercise tips and much more!
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    MyFlexicare has also lot to offer to Clinicians. We want to support you are your patients with excellent resources and allow you to find news, events and detailed information.


    We've created some informative resources to help you and your patients.

    News & Events

    Keep up to date with the very latest in Urology and Continence care.


    Compare the current brand you're using to Flexicare's range for easy transitions.


    Videos that have been especially created to help you and your patients understand and visualise real life products and how they work into their lifestyle.
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    MyFlexicare was designed with you in mind. Getting used to a new routine can take some time to get sued to, so we've put together some resources so you don't feel alone.

    Family Support

    What can you family do to help? Here's some advice just for them to help them understand the changes to your life and how they can help you.

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    Have your prescription delivered to your door.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your questions answered, with links to relevant information on this site.

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    We've collected the details of some great support and care-givers who you can contact if you need to.