Flexicare Leg Bags

Flexicare leg bags are available in 350ml, 500ml and 750ml capacities, meeting different patients’ requirements. All three leg bag capacities are available in short or long tube lengths and for those requiring a customised length, Flexicare offer an extra-long adjustable length tube.

flexicare urine leg bags

Easy to Operate Leak-Free Taps

The lever taps fitted to Flexicare bags are 100% leak tested and are easy to operate.

Needle-Free Sample Port

The needle-free sample port eliminates the risk of needle stick injury, whilst ensuring the bag is leak-free.

Universal Secure Overnight Connection

All outlet taps on Flexicare leg bags are fitted with a silicone overnight bag connection to attach securely and reliably to a bedside night drainage bag.

Secure and Comfortable Fit

Anti-slip, latex-free Lycra Velcro straps provide secure, comfortable support and help maintain the inlet tube and non-return valve in position, preventing kinking of the tube or folding of the NRV.

Skin-Friendly Fabric Backing

All of our community leg bags have a durable, non-woven fabric backing to reduce skin irritation and perspiration.

Range of Tube Lengths

The table below shows the different tube lengths available.

The Flexicare range of leg bags are available in 350ml, 500ml and 750ml capacity with short or long tube and for those requiring extra flexibility, Flexicare offers an adjustable length tube in the 500ml capacity.

Tube Description Tube Length
Long Tube 7cm / 2¾ inches
Short Tube 30cm / 11¾ inches
Extra Long Adjustable Tube 60cm / 23¾ inches
SKU PIP Quantity
00-1352 2657088 350ml Leg Bag Short Tube 10
00-2352 2657104 350ml Leg Bag Long Tube 10
00-1502 2657112 500ml Leg Bag Short Tube - sterile 10
00-2502 2657120 500ml Leg Bag Long Tube - sterile 10
00-3502 2657138 500ml Leg Bag Extra Long Adjustable Tube - sterile 10
00-3501 2724896 500ml Leg Bag Extra Long Adjustable Tube - non-sterile 10
00-1752 2657146 750ml Leg Bag Short Tube - sterile 10
00-2752 2657153 750ml Leg Bag Long Tube - sterile 10
Adjustable leg bags are supplied with a standard connector.