fitting a leg bag

Fitting Your Leg Bag

When fitting your leg bag, always follow the steps below:

wash hands istock

1. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after fitting your leg bag.

2. Take the bag out of its sealed pouch making sure the tap is in the closed position.

3. Thread the leg straps through the eyelets at the top and bottom of the bag. The top strap should pass behind the inlet tube and the bottom strap should pass behind the outlet tap.

4. Fasten the leg bag in a comfortable position using the Velcro tab. If the straps are too long, trim the end without the Velcro tab using scissors. The strap should feel secure but not tight.

5. The leg bag inlet tube connector has a cap covering it to protect it from contamination. When you are ready to connect the bag to your catheter or incontinence sheath, remove the cap.

6. Push the connector firmly into the catheter or sheath with a twisting action making sure you have a firm fit.