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Are you getting the best value for your patients?

Flexicare products have been designed to provide quality and comfort to patients and deliver value for money to the NHS. Flexicare is a major supplier of urine bags and accessories and has worked in partnership with NHS Supply Chain and other distributors for over 10 years.

Flexicare offers a wide range of night drainage bags to meet individual patient requirements. The urine bags have been designed and manufactured with every user’s requirements taken into consideration, achieving a high level of user confidence and comfort.

Drainable Night Bags

The F4 (T-tap) and F4L (lever tap) drainable bags all have non-return valves and needle-free sample ports as standard.

Brand Product Price Saving
Flexicare F4L £0.99
Bard Uriplan £1.28 22%
Coloplast Simpla £1.23 19%
Unomedical Careline £1.13 12%
Clinisupplies ProSys £1.20 17%
Great Bear £1.31 24%

Leg Bags

Flexicare leg bags give you the choice of 350ml, 500ml and 750ml capacity. All three leg bag capacities are available in short and long tube lengths and for those requiring that little bit extra, our 60cm adjustable length tube should fit the bill.

Brand Product Price Saving
Flexicare Leg Bags £2.26
Bard Uriplan £2.82 20%
Coloplast Simpla T1 £2.81 20%
Unomedical Careline £2.57 12%
Clinisupplies ProSys £2.55 11%
Great Bear £2.76 18%

Catheter Valves

The Flexicare EZ-Flow is a discreet lightweight catheter valve designed to offer patients flexibility of choice in urine drainage management.

Brand Product Price Saving
Flexicare EZ Flow £2.20
Bard Flip-Flo £2.58 15%
Coloplast Simpla £2.56 14%
Great Bear £2.45 10%