Choosing the Right Leg Bag

Wearing a leg bag does not have to mean the end of an active lifestyle. Choosing the right bag for you will help you to continue to enjoy life to the full, as well as making sure your catheter or incontinence sheath keeps draining properly.

The Flexicare range of leg bags offer a choice of style, size/capacity and inlet tube length. All are backed with a comfortable fabric which reduces skin irritation and perspiration.

Bag style

Flexicare has two styles of leg bag in its range: the Flexicare leg bag and the Discreet leg bag. Both styles are available in the full range of capacities and tube lengths and have easy-to-operate, 100% leak tested lever taps.

flexicare 500ml adjustable leg bag


Flexicare leg bags have been designed to provide secure and comfortable urine collection giving you peace of mind throughout the day and night.

discreet 500ml leg bag


The Discreet bag was designed to provide a more comfortable and subtle alternative to the conventional bag. The shape is contoured to fit better and mould to the thigh or calf to minimise the visibility of the bag. It also has a neutral colour and text to make it less conspicuous under clothing.

Inlet tube length

Leg bags can be positioned on the thigh or on the calf. The best position is the one which is most comfortable for you and allows the bag to drain properly.

flexicare 500ml short leg bag

Short tube (7cm/2¾")

This bag is to be worn on the thigh and is popular for wearing under a skirt or shorts.

flexicare 500ml long leg bag

Long tube (30cm/12”)

This bag is worn discreetly on the calf and is a popular choice for wearing under trousers. It allows easy access to the tap for convenient drainage when the bag is full.

flexicare 500ml extra long leg bag

Extra-long adjustable tube (60cm/24”)

This bag is a great alternative if you find the long tube either too short or too long for you. The tube can be trimmed to a comfortable length and the spare connector fitted. One spare connector is supplied with every adjustable tube bag.


It is important to consider the bag capacity when choosing the right leg bag for you. For example you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

How often will you want to empty the bag?
A larger bag will take longer to fill so will not need to be emptied as often.

How will the bag sit under clothing?
A larger capacity bag will be longer in length whereas smaller bags are often less conspicuous.

Which size of bag is most comfortable to wear?
People with shorter legs sometimes find that the larger bags are not as comfortable as the smaller bags.

You may also want to consider the weight of the bag when full. The table below will give you an idea of the bag weight.

Capacity Length of Bag
(not including inlet tube)
Approx Weight
when full
350ml (⅔ pint) 33cm (13”) 350g (13oz)
500ml (just under one pint) 36cm (14”) 500g (18oz)
750ml (1⅓ pints) 41cm (16”) 750g (26oz)