Standard & Extended Wear Skin Barrier (Flange)

Flanges are available in various sizes to help the patient to choose the closest fitting size ostomy flange. The range has been developed so that they are completely compatible with either Coloset closed or drainable pouches.

coloset 2 peice skin barrier flange

Quick and easy application

Printed with a sizing indicator and cutting guide markings. The measuring card should be used to decide on the size to cut for a close and comfortable fit around the stoma.

Secure and comfortable bond

Our standard wear barriers have a large, diamond-shaped wafer which ensures a safe and secure fit providing peace of mind for the user. The soft and flexible material conforms to the shape of the body enabling it to withstand even the most vigorous activity.

Extended Wear Barriers

Increased wear time means changing your system less often reducing stress to Peri-stomal skin. The extended wear barriers are speifically designed not to break down from loose or liquid drainage.

Ostomy Barrier Cut to Fit Coloset Standard Coloset Extended Quantity
1 1/4” (32mm) 00-920-032 00-960-032 5
1 1/2” (38mm) 00-920-038 00-960-038 5
1 3/4” (45mm) 00-920-045 00-960-045 5
2 1/4” (57mm) 00-920-057 00-960-057 5
2 3/4” (70mm) 00-920-070 00-960-070 5