convexity flanges skin barrier

Convexity Skin Barrier (Flange)

Flanges are available in various sizes to help the patient to choose the closest fitting size ostomy flange. The range has been developed so that they are completely compatible with either Convexity closed or drainable pouches.

Coloset Convexity Closed Two Piece pouch

Peace of mind – feel comfortable and secure

Built-in convexity creates better protrusion of a recessed, retracted and flush stomas allowing for a more secure seal.

Skin Protection

Better flow into the bag rather than between the skin and barrier, increasing
wear time and preventing damage to the skin surrounding the stoma.

Lower Cost

Convex products reduce the breakdown of the hydrocolloid barrier from drainage, increasing wear time for each appliance saving you money.

Ostomy Barrier Cut to Fit 45mm
(10mm to 39mm)
3/8” to 1 1/2”
(10mm to 51mm)
3/8” to 2”
(10mm to 64mm)
3/8” to 2 1/2”
Coloset Convexity Barrier 00-940-045 00-940-057 00-940-070 5