Coloset Features

Coloset Features

Flexicare has developed a wide range of ostomy care products to meet the different needs of patients for both colostomy or ileostomy, providing choice and flexibility that allows patients to maintain their normal social lifestyles.

skin protection

Skin Protection

- The Hydrocolloid barrier is easy to adhere to the skin and also easy to remove without any adhesive residual being left on the skin.

- The hydrocolloid layer has been formulated to prevent skin damage and encourage healing in the peristomal skin, directing excess water and moisture away from the area to prevent the risk of skin whitening and softening.



The integrated charcoal filter absorbs and neutralizes naturally occurring odours, allowing gas to be expelled rom the pouch without the user or others noticing.

Air can freely move in both directions to prevent the pouch from ballooning but also aids in allowing the pouch to fill correctly from the stoma.



The barrier is designed to provide a tight seal: its rounded diamond shape creates a uniform adhesion to the abdomen, reducing the risk of leakage and proving maximum comfort.

Ostomy Accessory Range

Ostomy Accessory Range

Flexicare also has a new range of ostomy accessories to allow greater comfort and ease when replacing and using your pouch. The products come in subtle, cosmetic packaging for discretion when in your bathroom or use in public.

Comfort and Choice

Comfort and Choice

Non Woven Backing

Skin-friendly fabric reduces perspiration and skin irritation. Strong and durable whilst also soft against the skin.

Comfort Net Backing

Lightweight and breathable, comfort net is gentle on the skin and moves with the body to prevent irritation.