Flexicare has an extensive range of urology and continence care products designed to meet all patient’s needs. Our broad range includes uncoated and hydrophilic intermittent catheters, market-leading meatal dilators, leg bags, 2 litre drainage bags and a choice of urology accessories.



A wide range of hydrophilic and uncoated intermittent catheters for bladder drainage and stricture therapy. Available in choice of tips and lengths.

meatal dilator

Meatal Dilators

Market-leading meatal dilators designed to ease through strictures. Available in a choice of 2 tips, with a hydrophilic coating to ease insertion.

drainage bags

Drainage Bags

A wide range of leg bags and 2 litre drainage bags providing robust and versatile urine drainage solutions for both hospital and home use.



A wide range of Urology Accessories, to suit all patients needs, Our range includes catheter valves, bag hangers, leg bag holders and straps

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