Flexicare’s Urimeter is a sterile closed collection system with an integral measuring chamber directly above the in-line collection bag. The vertical drainage system and incorporated none return valves (NRV’s) ensure the measuring chamber empties fully once the reading has been taken to ensure accurate measurements especially with low urine output. The NRV’s also prevent reflux and minimise the risk of ascending infection.


Enclosed Tap Protector

The lever tap can be housed in the blue tap holder when not in use to prevent the tap touching the floor or being accidentally opened.


Hydrophobic Filters

The hydrophobic filter allows for the air and any gas build up in the bag to escape without allowing proteins or fluids to pass through.


Safe and Secure Drainage

The unique design and manufacture of our non-return valves (NRV) allows low pressure drainage without compromising its antireflux property.


Soft Wide Bore Tubing

Vertical drainage ensures complete emptying of the measuring chamber and soft wide bore tubing is suitable for theatre and ICU.


Vented Valve System

  • Maintains urine flow.
  • Decreases negative suction and positive back pressure to improve flow.
  • Reduces the need to manually clear drainage tube.
  • Hydrophobic membrane allows air to escape on filling and prevents pressure build up while maintaining a leak proof seal.

Reduced Risk of Infection

  • Vertical drainage avoids need to invert chamber.
  • Non-return valve reduces risk of ascending infection.
  • The lever tap can be housed in the blue retainer when not in use to eliminate the chance of contamination and the risk of ascending infection from touching the floor.

Accuracy and Ease of Use

  • Anti-Kink tubing attachment allows unimpeded flow of urine.
  • Soft tubing for patient comfort.
  • Clear and easy to read markings.
  • Three chamber system making accurate reading of even small volumes possible.
  • Smooth action 180° release tap.
  • Integral hanger and straps fits wide range bed frames and straps can be easily removed if not required.
  • Needle free sample port.
  • Hexagonal cross section reduces surface tension, allowing flow when tube is level.

Product Codes

Hospital Pack Codes
00-1227 Urimeter with 150cm Tubing 20


Product Codes

Hopsital Codes
Hospital Packs are supplied in quantities of 20


Urimeter 00-1227

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