Flexicare has a wide range of Urology Accessories to suit all patients needs.

Ez-Flow Catheter Valve

An inconspicuous light weight catheter valve with an easy to operate tap.

FlexiHang Bag Hanger

Universal 2 litre urine bag hanger for use on beds fitted with or without side bars.


FlexiSleeve is a knitted Lycra, latex free leg bag holder to replace leg straps.

Bag Stand

Tough, durable stand designed to hold any 2L bag ensuring the tap is held clear of the floor.

Leg Straps

Lycra which keeps its elasticity over the strap’s lifetime with an anti-slip silicone wave.

WyCath Catheter Spigot

the catheter Spigot fits all standard intermittent catheter funnels without leakage.


Catheter specimen of urine in 10ml or 30ml sample pots with or without Boric Acid.

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